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Part 2 -

The Art of Overstanding is a way of processing information on all levels and from all sides. The information in these books is like taking the red and the blue pill. This book will educate you on choosing the blue pill. Taking the blue pill, you can believe whatever you want without any manipulations or limitations. If you take the red pill, you will remain in wonderland and will discover how deep the rabbit hole goes. These books are considered the Green Pill. The information in these books will mix the red and the blue pill, teaching you to know yourself while exposing the real world you live in and the manipulators of your world. If you consider yourself a deep thinker, this information will cause you to think even more profound, and that will open your mind up to so many other possibilities.

You have heard the term knowledge is power, but then you must ask yourself what the lack of knowledge is?  Many would agree that most people that have a lack of control also have a lack of knowledge on the highest levels. This could also mean that the people in power have knowledge that the powerless don't. If this is the case, a person must overstand that the people in power would like it to remain that way; so they will make any attempt to keep powerful knowledge secret.  This is the core motivation behind the manipulators of the planet, and you must keep this in mind while exploring these books. To consider the elite's motivation, you must ask yourself, what if most of the things you've been taught have been to mislead you from the truth and keep you powerless to the powerful? This will be for you to decide after you complete both books. The information within these books will help even the playing field and give you the power needed to ascend. These books will help connect the dots to your life experience, to the manipulations, to the manipulators, and to the motivations. You will discover information and learn how to process information during your read. Once you complete both books, it will be harder to manipulate you, and the matrix structure will have less of an effect on you. It's a must that you become an overstander to help with your ascension back into your universal experience.

Benefits of the books-
These books will help you process the world and your experience in such a way that you will live a life of less stress and sorrow. There may be things you are going through in life, and you just don't understand it. These books will not only teach you to understand it but to overstand it.  The books will teach you how to identify manipulation on so many levels so that you can avoid them or not allow it to affect you. The information within these books will give you valuable information that's been kept from you to keep you from reaching new levels.  The information will allow you to reconnect with your soul and ascend back into the universe and avoid the traps that keep your soul bound to this three-dimensional reality.  Once you become an Advance Overstander, you will rise above the small tactics of the general public and will be on a quest for more information beyond planet earth.   

The books discuss information on different levels so the reader can grow in their overstanding of life. Throughout the books, there will be information on different levels for you to process, and those levels are color-coded. The books also take you through different levels, so you are encouraged to read The Art Of Overstanding first before reading Keys To The Soul.

Level 1- Lower Self Red- Person operation in their lowest form.
When a person is operating in their lower self, they have limited to no self-awareness. They are the easiest to manipulate and controlled by the matrix. Most people that operate from this form is due to the manipulation of the system. Therefore most people in this realm operates off emotions first and thoughts last. This could represent the evil side of humans.

Level 2- Elevated Awareness Blue- Person more conscious of their surroundings and people.
This level has an awareness attached to it. Most of these people believe in karma, has religious ties, and stands for what right. This level goes into a more in-depth thought process of why things happen the way they do. The elevated awareness level can identify the source of many issues.

Level 3- Higher Self Green- Person, is self-aware with an overall overstanding and approach.
This person keeps a broad overstanding of all things and never thinks in a box. This person feels earthlings determine the only right or wrong, and most determinations are based on social programming.  This person is not tied to a religion or any one group. This person has a global perspective and embraces truth and variety. This level goes beyond individual perspectives and actions. This level includes all things because all things were created to experience.

Level 4- Galactic Gold- A person with infinite awareness throughout the galaxies.
This person is connected to the universe. Their way of thinking is far beyond planet earth. This person overstands they're connected to the universe and exist on parallel plains of existent. This person may feel their spirit travels throughout the galaxy and they're having an experience on planet earth for a short while. Galactic Gold is the awareness we must reach in order to ascend to the next dimension truly. We are a part of the universe and not a part of the earth. Earth is another location for the soul to have an experience. This level knows they're many other experiences in the universes and the experience on planet earth is just one of them.
Once you complete these books, you will have a completely different outlook on life and will live accordingly. These books could very possibly be the most powerful, life-changing, and thought-provoking books you have ever read! One thing is for sure, and that is upon completing the books, you will not be the same person.

The Art Of Overstanding

If there is ever a book that could change your life and your way of thinking this is it. This book is packed with valuable information on many different subjects. This book teaches you how to identify the source and motivations behind life and people. The Art of Overstanding allows your mind to process information from all sides, which helps with your soul ascension. After reading this information, you will have less stress in your life and will live more productively.  It's a must that you educate yourself with this information and become an overstander as quickly as possible. The timing is right; the timing is now.

The Art of Overstanding AKA The Source Book


Source book chapters:

Chapter 1. The Set Up

Chapter 2.  Character Traits

Chapter 3.  Relationships

Chapter 4.  Racism in America 

Chapter 5.  Political 

Chapter 6.  Gun Culture

Chapter 7.  Religion 

Chapter 8.  Energy & Vibes

Chapter 9.  Entertainment 

These topics are some of the most popular ones that's plaguing the society and keeping it from ascending.  These books will breakdown these subjects from an overstanding point of view to give the reader a broader perspective.

Keys to the Soul

Keys To The Soul is a reference guide book to the Art of Overstanding.  The Art of Overstanding is a very powerful book that takes the reader up many levels but only so far.  This book will take you beyond The Art of Overstanding.  This book is so bizarre and powerful that it had to be separated from the first book.  You will learn things that are hard to comprehend but it's a must you do so.  This book will exploit secret information on things that's been keeping humans from ascending and discovering their true powers. This book exposes the manipulators of your life and the motivations behind those manipulations. Once you are aware of the ultimate truth and reality that you're experiencing you can prepare yourself mentally.

Once you complete this book, you will become an Advance Overstander to never be manipulated or misled again.  

Keys to the Soul chapters:

Chapter 1.  General overview

Chapter 2.  Truth is stranger than fiction

Chapter 3.  The Source Book recap

Chapter 4.  The overview wrap-up chapter

Chapter 5.  The 7 year journey

Chapter 6.  A message from the Gods

Chapter 7.  The final conclusion

About the author 

The author is named Countrified Cornelius Wedman. He was born in a small town in South Carolina and always felt destine to deliver some type of message to the world. He had a love for music and entertainment once he discovered the kind of influence entertainers had over the public. He felt this would give his message more validity and a massive platform to spread such a message. Early on in Countrified's life, he didn't know what the message or information he was destined to share with the public he just felt it was something. At a very young age, he would connect with the outer atmosphere and speak among the stars of his desires to experience while traveling this earth. He would spend countless hours projecting his thoughts out into the universe.

By the age of 18, Countrified left his small town in South Carolina to join the United States Marine Corp in order to get closer to Hollywood, California where he can experience his entertainment career. Countrified has been relentless in his efforts to have his desired experience and always created his own environment to benefit others ever since he left his home town. He has accomplished every goal he has set out to do and had the luxury to experience every desire thought he put into the universe by the age of 35. He wrote an autobiography on his fantastic journey titled, "My First 35". In his autobiography, you will discover that Countrified appeared on the biggest tv shows, movies and commercials Hollywood had to offer. He also holds the titles of actor, musical artist, stand-up comedian, scriptwriter, movie editor, acting coach, and movie producer, to name a few.  Throughout this journey, Countrified discovered his true mission and message that he was destined to deliver. The information comes from higher intelligence that used Countrified as the vessel to deliver such robust information. Countrified is just the physical author but not the true holder of the ultimate truth within these books. Even Countrified was amazed by the information he was directed to write. As you read these books, you will see why Countrified was chosen, groomed, instructed, and protected to deliver this information to you. If you really know Countrified, you would know that this information comes from a higher source of intelligence. Countrified, although he did complete an autobiography, is not a book writer. He doesn't have a love for writing books or even like to read for extended periods of time, but somehow he remained discipline for 7 years to complete 2 books. He remained disciplined to achieve this mission because he had no choice. The mission is much bigger than Countrified. He was designed by the Gods for him to conduct such a mission, and he becomes aware of this on his journey.

Risking it all-
When you overstand power and control, you will know that the people with it will use everything they have to maintain it. This is why many leaders and great people have been killed or silence for their efforts to help society in a way that is a threat to power. For someone to continue to make an attempt to educate, help, or assist the public against the interest of power could be risking it all. This person has a love for humanity that is greater than the concept of death. Countrified is one of those vessels. The information that flowed through him is designed to help people at all cost. He is exposing information to help improve the lives of the people and prepare them for ascension. By delivering such thought-provoking material and information to the public, the powerful elites may attempt to discredit the information, or Countrified. They may try to silence Countrified, destroy his vessel, his life experience, or his career, to name a few. It's possible that he could be risking it all. His bravery to release such thought-provoking material should be appreciated.  What you must know is that Countrified is truly a soul for humanity, and he will forever live on if you remain an overstander.   

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The Art of Overstanding Album

The Art of Overstanding album is a masterpiece of work that is far more sophisticated and strategic than current music to date. The 15 song album is filled with mind provoking hooks and lyrics that will keep you entertained and educated. Each song is strategically written and has its own unique message and delivery pattern. Not one lyric or one verse is off point in this entire album!

This is truly a listening album that you will enjoy from the beginning to the end. The album is filled with powerful subject matters and lyrics that relate to the information within the books. Not only does the album has powerful messages, but it also has heart-pumping beats that help amplify the message. There has not been a complete album by such a unique artist like Countrified in a very long time. His creativity is off the charts and is consistent throughout the album. He holds nothing back and releases information on the highest levels. The album was designed to reach music lovers and non-readers so they too can be inspired to become Overstanders.

Countrified is a music composing veteran with nearly 35 years of experience. He has completed 6 previous albums, toured the world multiple times and has created songs with legendary artists. Countrified took 7 years off from composing and performing music to create the books and is returning to the music world with his best and possibly final project of his career. Countrified unloads his 7-year wait combined with his 30 plus years of experience into this album. As a result, this could be the most serious and educational album ever created. His unique delivery and harmonic flow pattern separates him from other artist and exploits his uniqueness. This album not only exposes who Countrified really is but what Countrified really is and his mission on this planet. One thing is for sure; if you’re a person that is open to great music, unique deliveries, and thought-provoking lyrics, you will love this album.

This is one of those albums you want to own the original copy to. Having this album shows your level of consciousness. You can download the songs for your devices on most music streaming services or you can order the CD version. All forms of support are welcome, needed, necessary, and appreciated.

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