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Countrified- The Entertainer / Activist / Author / Mentor


Countrified Cornelius Wedman is an entertainer from South Carolina.  The mans holds the professional titles of Rapper, Actor, Author, Mentor, Stand Up Comic, and Acting Coach.

Countrified started his career by joining the Marine Corps in 1995 as a way out of his small town of South Carolina.  He requested to serve on the west coast to get closer to Hollywood.  Countrified was station at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base in southern California.  He created his own environment by creating events to draw crowds and perform.  He received orders to serve his final year of the military in Okinawa Japan.  He took over the island by populating himself through his events.  After discharging from the military, Countrified moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in music and acting in 1997.  The entertainer continued to create his own environment, even among the well known.  Countrified has been on two overseas tours, has performed many location domestically, and has done music with big artist. Countrified has also appeared on many tv shows and movies.  You can see some of his work by clicking on his Demo Reel.  Countrified has completed everything he wanted to do on this planet by the age of 35.  He wrote an autobiography detailing how he experience everything he projected by 35 titled, My First 35.  He has mastered the power of creating his own reality.

Countrified is a observer of this planet.  He has experienced and analyzed many aspects of this life and reported most of his experiences in two books.  The books are titled The Art of Overstanding and Keys to the Soul. 

Countrified is a lover of kids and currently work with kids in many different capacities. He has worked with kids for over 25 yrs.


Countrified the Actor

Countrified honorably discharge out of the Marine Corp and pursued his career in acting.  Countrified took classes, participated in self training sessions, and was relentless in networking with the shot callers.  Countrified started booking plays and small independent roles shortly after arriving in Hollywood.  He would receive his first major tv performance on the hit tv show "My Name Is Earl" in 2005. From there, Countrified has appeared in many hit shows, movies, and commercials such as Ugly Betty, The Young and the Restless, Parenthood, Lie to Me, Southland, The Morning Show, Date Movie, Alpha Dog, Heroes, American Hero, Rap Shit, and Keeping Secrets to name a few.

You can see some of his past work by clicking on his DEMO REEL.

Countrified - Kids Acting Coach

Countrified is a true lover of kids and has used his talent and popularity to inspire kids to reach their full potential.  Countrified started coaching kids at a performing arts school named John Robert Powers in Beverly Hills 2006. The entertainer influenced so many kids that he started his own school in Hollywood, CA named Action for Kids.  Countrified continued to give back to the youth community until the day he left Los Angeles. Countrified relocated to Atlanta, GA and immediately started working with kids in the area.  Countrified saw an opportunity to allow kids to make their dream a reality so he created a non-profit called The Dreamality Corporation.  Countrified decided to create his own industry. He created the first and only kids movie star experience. Countrified allowed kids to go through the entire process of being a movie star.  Kids receive a role in a short film, rehearse that character for several weeks and film the movie.  The kids go through the hair, makeup, and wardrobe process like a real movie.  The kids reunite a few short weeks later for a red carpet movie premiere.  The kids start with a limo ride and arrive at the premiere to cheering fans. The kids take photos on the red carpet, get interviewed, and watch their movie. After the film, the kids received certificates, and best actor and actress awards. To conclude the event, the kids sign autographs for all in attendance.  Countrified completed 30 successful movie star experience for kids in a span of 6 years.  His creativity gave birth to so many kids and he has truly contribute to the next wave of superstars.  Take a look at how the process works. MOVIE STAR EXPERIENCE.

Countrified has a logo to represent his style and what he stands for.  Countrified definitely represent his country origin with his casual wear and straw hats.  The logo reflects his signature style showcasing his love for straw hats.  If you turn the logo to the side it says U B U (You Be You) which promotes individuality.  Countrified truly believes that embracing the uniqueness of all bring you closer to the source of creations.

                                                                       The Countrified Logo.

Countrified- The Rapper

Countrified started composing rap music at the age of 9.  He started out writing poems.  He was inspired by current hip hop superstars like Curtis Blow, Run DMC, LL Cool J, and Kool Moe Dee to name a few.  His first rap name was Cornega.  In high school, Countrified joined a rap group with two of his friends called S.U.G. (Straight Up Gentleman). Countrified continued to compose and improve his rap skills over the years.  Countrified joined the Marine Corp and he created his own platform to perform his music.  Countrified discharged from the Marine Corps and took his talent to Hollywood.  Countrified continued to create his own lane and do music on his own terms.  Countrified founded his built in audience by performing in front of live studio audiences in Hollywood.  Countrified was known for his performance and got the attention of major artist.  Countrified caught the eye of BET producers and they allowed him to do an opening rap video for one of their hit tv shows, The Way We Do It. Countrified had created numerous albums, 4 mix tapes, and has toured all over the United States.  Countrified has completed two overseas tours.  His last tour, Countrified was the opening act and the road manager for the legendary rap group, Bone Thugs and Harmony. Countrified caught the attention of many major labels and attended meeting with the shot callers. Countrified didn't want to compromise on his mission and integrity and never signed a major contract. Knowing that he was good enough to be signed was confirmation to his talents.

Countrified is an awesome rapper.  What separates him from average rappers is his song structure. Countrified prides himself and writing complete songs.  All of his witty lyrics supports the title or the message of the song.  He makes sure that you feel the message from each song he writes.  You can see some of Countrified's Overseas Performance.

                                                               Countrified- The Stand-Up Comic

Countrified added the profession title of stand-up comic in 2012.  Countrified was the opening rap act to a Thursday comedy night show in Los Angeles. During the third day of performing, the host was running late.  She told Countrified to hold off the crown until she showed up.  Countrified embraced the challenge.  He went back up on stage and told jokes to the crowd until the host arrived.  Countrified's set was so successful that he came back the next week and did a 5 minute comedy set after his musical performance.  From there, Countrified started to take his comedy venture more serious. The stand up comic was born and Countrified has been touring and telling jokes to crowds every since.  Countrified has performed comedy sets in many places across the country.  Tap HERE to see one of Countrified's stand up show.

Countrified did a comedy show near his neighborhood in Stockbridge, GA. Click HERE to see the set.

                                                            Countrified - The Author / Public Speaker

OVERVIEW- Countrified has no limits when it comes to creative writing.  He not only writes creative jokes, rap lyrics, and comedy sets, Countrified also writes movies, tv shows, and books.

Countrified is an author of three books.  He has always had a passion for documenting his journey so he started documenting all of his where-abouts from 1999 til this current day.  Countrified used that info to help him produce his first book "My First 35".  This is an auto-biography on Countrified's life up until the age of 35.  By the age of 35, Countrified had experience everything that he envisioned as a kid. Every desire he wanted to experience, he would constantly put those visions out into the universe.  Not knowing the power of his thought, Countrified was able experience all things due to his mental powers.  His story serves as a blue print on how to project your desires out into the universe and see it come to reality.  The book takes you on his life's journey through his child hood, in the small towns of South Carolina, his military experience, and the life of a Hollywood star.  There are limited copies of this book available. If there are any books in stock you can order them HERE.

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The book has a documentary that you can view by clicking HERE or the video below.  The documentary will give you a visual on the info in the book.  This documentary is narrated by Countrified and you will see real live footage of his journey.

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The Art of Overstanding book collection & album

The Books

After Countrified completed his first book, the Gods spoke with him.  At this moment is when Countrified realized that he was able to experience all the things he wanted on this planet but not without a price.  Countrified was told that he must write another book explaining all of the information he has received, to help enlighten the reader so they will have the perspective to ascend. Countrified knew he had to dedicate his time and effort towards completing this mission. As he started working on the first book, "The Art of Overstanding", he realized that the information on the highest levels may be too much for the average reader to handle.  He was then told that he must write two books.  The first book will be the source guide for humanity to overstand human behavior,the matrix, and the controllers.  This book will prepare the reader to be able to comprehend life at the highest levels.  Countrified dedicated 5 years of his life to write "The Art of Overstanding".  He then dedicated another 2 years to complete "Keys to the Soul".  This book speaks about life on the highest level.  This information will give you the keys back to your soul.  Once you know there is no going back.  Countrified was designed for this mission. He has some of the most un interrupted experiences as anyone on the planet.  He's an observer and through his experience, the Gods were able to utilize his vessel as a channel to create these powerful books. 


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The listening album

Countrified is a master lyricist. His experience shows up in his lyrical content and structure.  Countrified makes you feel his songs.  He stay on concept and drives home the point in his music.  The Art Of Overstanding listening album has 15 songs.  While the album is designed to support the narratives of the books, he also have songs that are witty and independent of the information.  This is an album that you can vibe out and listen to.  Countrified has a unique raspy harmonic voice that leads you on a roller coaster of subjects.  The lyrics on this album may be one of the most thought provoking albums created. Countrified album has created songs and all songs are outside of the normal subjects which are: Boasting, violence, sex, and partying.  Countrified is under the radar, he likes it that way for now.  Once you listen to his music you will know that he's different and a veteran at the game of music creation.


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Books, Movies and TV shows

Countrified has written a few movie and tv  shows. He wrote the movie Hype Nation that starred the hip hop group B2K.  Hype Nation was filmed in S. Korea.  Countrified wrote two more books - The Art Of Overstanding & Keys to the Soul.  These books are a set and have very powerful information in them. The talented writer has written three other tv shows. His latest show is called Rapper.  Countrified has written two seasons for the show. 
























The Manipulated Rapper - The Evolution Series

The Art of Overstanding and Keys to the Soul are some very powerful books that no only explains high level information but also teaches the reader how to become an independent thinker.  The books are color coded.  The colors represents different levels of wisdom.  The books have a phrased called Stamples which means story example.  The Stample provides an extra attempt to get the reader to overstand the point.


Countrified's journey has been very unique.  Countrified spends about 90% alone and he's been able to gather information and process information uninterrupted.  He has experience things on all levels and been exposed to so much of human life that he's been able to articulate it in his books. Countrified is a true dedicated King that's here to observe and report.  In these books, Countrified discusses the downloads of valuable information that will help the reader overstand the life we really live.  Countrified was just the vessel to write such information but the wisdom came directly from the Gods.

Countrified understood his mission and continued his dedication to see his work all the way to the end.  It took Countrified 7 long years to complete both books. 



This book is considered the Source Book.  This book will help the reader overstand life. This book has subjects including raising kids, religion, the entertainment industry, energy. politics and more.  The books teaches the reader about the matrix, how it affects humans, and how to rise above it. This book takes you on a roller coaster of though provoking scenarios to get the reader to overstand any situation they may face. Once you become an overstander, your life will have more peace.  You will learn to accept other motivation weather you agree with them or not.  The book will take you on levels of overstanding.  This book only goes so far up in knowledge.  When the knowledge is on a higher level, the paragraph will have a reference key number.  You will then look up that reference number in the book Keys to the Soul to read a deeper overstanding. 



Countrified was writing the first book and realized that some of the knowledge on the highest levels may be too much for the reader.  This is when he was tasked with writing a second book that entails that information. The book is titled Keys to the Soul because the reference keys will have the information that will unlock your soul.  Most people have no idea about the world they live in.  The truth is truly stranger than fiction and Countrified explains things so any reader can comprehend the manipulation we're living in. 

This book explains who the true controllers of the planet are and other invested entities that have involvement in human evolution. Once the reader reads the source book, they will then be able to see the possibilities of the bizarre world that surrounds them.  After reading both books, things will make more sense to the reader. If you're ready to elevate your conscience level, live beyond the manipulations, and have your soul ascend, then this is the read for you. 


The Manipulated Rapper is the first read-a-long series.  Once you subscribe to the series, you will receive a script-a-sode every Friday for you to enjoy.  Please visit  or click the link below.

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Countrified dedicated a lot of time to create a series that means a lot to him. The series is titled THE MANIPULATED RAPPER. He's been a rapper for most of his life and the rap industry means so much to him.  He overstands, as a veteran rapper, the use and manipulation of rappers and the affect they have on communities.  

Countrified decided to create a t.v. series, based off the books, to give his audience a visual of his narrative.  This captivating series shows how rappers are manipulated to benefit the elites and the controllers.  This series takes the viewer down the rabbit hole to discover the true controllers.  This series is revolutionary and one that's needed for the times.



A multi-Grammy award-winning rapper, Spitta, is now on top of the rap game.  He feels his skills are impeccably fueled by the support of millions of fans and followers.  Having true superstar status, he could have any girl he desires.  He met a very beautiful girl named Shaniya who captures his heart.  Shaniya is the product of another rapper, her father, Quinton Jones, the detective.  Detective Quinton Jones was an independent rapper with amazing skills in writing thought-provoking songs with strategic lyrics before entering a Code Blue workforce. 

After a short time of dating, Shaniya invited Spitta over to a family event where he would meet her parents.  Shaniya explained to Spitta that her father was a dope, no-none sense rapper that’s now a detective.  Spitta meets her father, and they go down to Detective Jones’s home studio.  Although Spitta is a multi-award-winning rapper, Jones expressed that he was not impressed and let Spitta know that his skills are basic at best.  This puts Spitta on the defense.  Even though he remained respectful, due to Jones being Shaniya’s father, he defends himself and challenges Jones to a rap battle.  Jones turns on an instrumental beat and the rap battle ensues.  The rappers go back and forth with each other with Jones getting the best of Spitta.  Spitta has a newfound respect for Jones’s rap skills and would like for the veteran rapper to mentor him for his sophomore album.  Jones accepts the challenge and teaches Spitta how to write strategic and meaningful songs. 

Detective Jones is working on a case that involves conspiracy.  He discovers that music execs are usi ng rappers to glamorize counter-productive music to help influence people of color.  This approach has many consequences including influencing juries, judges, and prosecutors to believe Blacks are guilty until proven innocent.  This also helps fill up the private prison system in which some of the manipulators have stock.  Jones reveals this information to Spitta and the young rapper immediately changes his music and messaging.  His new approach was not welcomed by his current label who is also a part of the conspiracy.  This causes Spitta to sign to Jones’s friend’s label who agreed to back his new approach.   

Spitta was introduced to Jones’s father’s books (self-published books) which consist of the conspiracies and top government’s secret information.  Not knowing the inherent dangers, Jones manipulated him to promote the books and rap about some of the content.  Spitta begins to change the industry and the world. His success begins to influence other artists to change their music to a more positive vibe.  His influence would not be welcomed by all.  This approach was counter-productive for the elite government officials, and they used tactics to deter and illegitimate the rapper.  Spitta was warned by Jones that his mission to expose the elites wouldn’t come without opposition.  This opposition became clear when the only parent he had left, his grandmother, was threatened if he continued to pursue his path. Despite the threats, he continues his mission even at the expense of losing his grandmother.  To make a low point even lower, Spitta discovers that he was manipulated by Jones to complete his father’s mission.  Throughout all the turmoil, Spitta stays consistent on his mission to raise the vibration of the public through his music.  He influenced the people to a level that provoked the highest controllers, the Reptilian race.  Facing an uncontrollable society, Reptilians show themselves in a takeover of the planet and are met by Anunnaki Gods who wipe them out and raise the vibration of the people living on the surface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Countrified his real name?

Countrified was born as George Cornelius Wedman the 3rd, in 1976.  He used the name Cornelius growing up.  He legally changed his first name to Countrified in a Los Angeles courtroom in 2002.

If Countrified is such a great entertainer, why haven't I heard of him?

Countrified's mission is to experience life on all levels and report his assesment.  He has explored the life of a regular citizen and as a superstar.  Countrified will be exposed to the masses when the time is right.  To do so too early will expose him too quickly to the elite's he's designed to expose.

Who is Countrified?

Countrified is an Annunaki descendent who's exploring planet Earth to help ascend the surrounding souls to a higher conscience level.

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